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August 17, 2010
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So at 23 weeks pregnant with baby boy, I’m getting a bit emotional. And when I say ‘a bit emotional’, that should translate to ‘extremely sensitive and crying uncontrollably over everything’.

For example: we chose (for the sanity of everyone involved) to cosleep with the bug. The family bed has been working out great once we upgraded to a king size. It was time, however, for the never used crib to be converted to a toddler bed and for us to start the ‘horrible’ transition to getting the bug to sleep on her own. So Daddy got the parts out of the garage and spent the afternoon (as well as a good portion of the early evening) setting up said toddler bed. After an initial crying session on the part of the bug, we decided we would try starting at naptime tomorrow. Secretly my mommy heart is glad she doesn’t want to leave the family bed yet, and as we snuggle in to go to sleep, I’m happy. Then my daughter- the toddler going on teenager- says she wants to sleep in her bed, crawls into it, puts her head down on her pillow, and goes to sleep.

I’ve been crying for an hour. The inevitible change necessary in the raising of children is breaking my heart.

Here’s to a better (and hopefully less emotional) tomorrow!


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August 12, 2010
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So I’m officially at 22 weeks in this pregnancy- and I am majorly nesting! So far today I’ve rearranged the bedroom; sorted through a plastic tub full of random stuff and five boxes; reorganized the computer desk, the closet, the dresser, and the book shelf; and I have done four loads of laundry- whew! I’m worn out. Time for a rest and a snack!

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Nap time!

August 5, 2010
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I love nap time. The bug goes down for an hour or so, and the pregnant mommy gets sleep too! I find myself wishing for more energy so I could take advantage of nap time to get things done, but I’m just worn out from chasing her around all morning!

I’m trying not to think about how it’ll be in a year or so when I’ll be chasing around two! Yikes!

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