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Pregnancy Rant

April 15, 2013
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So in ten days the newest member of my family arrives- and I’m so excited to meet this little one! Having a newborn is such a crazy, stressful, exciting, thrilling, exhausting time. I’m pumped to be able to hold this kiddo in my arms instead of in my belly. I’m excited to see the baby’s little face and hands and toes and see if this one looks more like me or the hubby- I’m guessing hubby since the other two take after him already.

You know what I won’t miss? The comments. I’m not talking about the things family will say (‘you STILL havent picked a name out?’) or the well meaning things I’ve heard from friends (‘Oh, you are getting so HUGE! I wonder how long it’ll take you to look normal again?’) I’m talking about complete strangers making comments on ‘you young mothers having too many kids to take care of and depending on tax payers to take care of them’, ‘my children never acted like that, and you are adding another one?!?’ and ‘I hope you are done after this one, three is too many already’ or this little gem ‘oh, honey, when God said to be fruitful and multiply, I’m sure He didn’t mean for you to do it all yourself’. I mean, I will be 28 in May, I’ve been married since 2006, and my husband works his tail off so I can stay home with our kids. I try to ignore things people say, and thankfully for the people saying things they have yet to make a comment that my four year old hears- my momma bear would come out at that point! But seriously, World- keep your opinions to yourselves! There is no way to know by a chance meeting in the library, grocery store, park, wherever, what a person’s history is or what their life is like. So give people the benefit of the doubt, smile at that young looking pregnant mom wrestling with one kid to keep them in the cart in the line at the store while another kid is pulling on her shirt to ask why that person’s hair is sticking up so high and dyed pink, and give her a break. Because that momma is already dealing with a million things, and really doesn’t need any additional negativity, or your opinion on their life. And because someday that momma might be you.


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