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What am I going to do with all this candy?

November 1, 2013
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Happy Day After Halloween! Today is the day that my kids sleep in (well, until 7. That’s sleeping in for them) and I am struck by the fact that we have a TON of candy. So what can I do so we don’t still have Halloween candy by the time Easter rolls around? Well, this morning Kid Two and I made Leftover Candy Pancakes.

We made our normal pancake mix, with a little extra vanilla (Kid Two is not quite three, so baking with him is NOT an exact science). Then he peeled the wrappers off four or five Three Musketeers fun size candy bars. I chopped them up- just a rough chop, nothing fancy.


Into the mix they went! Kid two is a very enthusiastic stirrer, so after cleaning up the coffee maker and can opener, I put some pancakes on the griddle.


Delicious! By the time the pancakes were done, picky eater Kid One was awake- and devoured two of them. Success! The melty, chocolatey goodness hit the spot this morning.

Now, as for the rest of the candy, we may be turning some of them into ‘Thank You’ bags and delivering them to people we encounter while on our errands- cashiers, baggers, sales associates, police men, pastors, teachers- the list goes on! I try to teach my kids thankfulness year round, but really emphasize putting their thoughts into action during this season.

What will you do with the extra candy you have this year? Other than eat it, of course!


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