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Our First Breakdown

September 25, 2014
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I had my first mega breakdown about homeschooling yesterday. Filled with self doubt (and a healthy dose of guilt) I called my sister (a homeschooling mom of three for several years) to ask for help/wisdom/commiseration. You see, my daughter has a periodic fever disorder- not sure which one yet, the doctors are thinking it is PFAPA- meaning she gets fevers, sore throats, headaches, and painful joints and muscles every month. EVERY MONTH. Like clockwork, every fourth Monday, her temp shoots up around 103/104, she is in pain, she cries. It lasts for three full days, and then usually by Thursday she wakes up feeling totally normal. It could be worse, I know, but it still sucks. So due to this totally unwelcome interruption into our already crazy lives, we have already had six planned school days with no school being able to be done. In addition to that, we have all had bronchitis this past week, so three additional days were out.

SO. Of course I am feeling like 1) I am not doing enough school to meet the requirements and 2) that Riley is not learning enough to ‘keep up’ with her classmate equivalents. My sister talked me ‘off the ledge’ before I dove headfirst into the stress-guilt-giving up cycle that I have a tendency to go into. There were several key things she said that resonated with me, and I’ll share them here:

STOP COMPARING YOUR KID TO SOMEONE ELSE. They are unique. They learn at their own pace. They will eventually get to where ever they need to be. If you need to have a ‘slower’ school week, it is fine. Remember, homeschool kids don’t get snow days!

IF SOMETHING ISN’T WORKING, IT’S OKAY TO CHANGE IT UP. Math is hard for me. Trying to keep my math whiz challenged is really hard. Since I have one who loves to do school on the computer, she recommended trying out Khan Academy for a more formal curriculum. So far (granted- it is just day one) she loves it. For a free program, I am really impressed- and can see myself using it more and more as the kids get older.

IT’S OKAY TO FEEL OVERWHELMED. Homeschooling is a tough adjustment, and most homeschooling parents have had at least one occasion of feeling that way. Right? Right? *crickets*

and finally, something I knew already but really needed the reminder of- DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR KID. Don’t try to force something that isn’t working because it is the way other people do it. Take the time to explore the origin of the numerical system (my kid) or the inner anatomy of a human abdomen (my sister’s youngest).

But for real, it is so nice to have someone to talk to who has been there (too bad she is way far away). I’m still trying to find a co-op around us, or at least some like-minded parents to get together with while our kids play and learn. I have a couple of leads that I’d like to check out once we get healthy again. Why does it feel like setting up a blind date? Social anxiety is for the birds lol.


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