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Friday Fun Day

October 17, 2014
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On Fridays, I am flat out exhausted. We have been homeschooling all week, plus normal household/mommy/life activities, so by the time the weekend comes, I am ready to cut out a bit early. We try to do a different fun activity- so far we have built a teepee in the backyard, had a tea party for dolls, baked LOTS of treats, and had a lot of dress up and imaginative play. For our Friday fun day today we are havingĀ a lego theme. We got a free Redbox rental from their promotion they have going on right now, so my hubby picked up the Lego Movie for the kids to watch today. This morning we used a hanger and some twine to measure weight with legos- we tied an object on one end of a hanger, and then tied a piece of twine around the other side to attach the legos. We had a little trouble with the lego side slipping out of the knot I tied- guess I need to brush up on my knot skills! We then measured how tall objects were with legos, sorted by color, counted legos, and Ri made a bar graph using the data she collected. We are reading about Moses in the Bible, and learning about the Egyptians- so the kids built pyramids out of legos! For lunch, I made sandwiches (with the crust cut off, of course) and a cheese stick sliced up and put on top to make lego shaped sandwiches. Now the older two are watching The Lego Movie as I head off to get the youngest to nap. Maybe a bit of coloring themselves as a lego person after the movie? I don’t know- as long as it doesn’t take too much brain power, I’m down for it.

I am needing to finish the boys’ halloween costumes today if I can- how can Frozen still be so popular that I have Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf wannabes for Halloween this year?


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