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This is what happens when you have a hunter for a dad

December 10, 2014
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My dad received a call from a friend about a deer that needed to be processed. Since my dad was raised in northern Missouri as an outdoorsman and has been hunting and cleaning game since he was a child, he is the go-to guy for situations like this. The following conversation is as close to verbatim as I can get, since I heard it second hand.

Micah: Where you going, Pappy?

Pappy (my dad): Going to skin a deer that my friend shot.

Micah: (with huge eyes) a reindeer?

Pappy: (laughing) Sure!

Micah: (with even bigger eyes) But…um…was it…in front of a sleigh?!?

-Now at this point you can see where this conversation is going. So what do you think will happen here? Will the grown up man who has raised two daughters choose to A) reassure the emotional four year old that, no, his friend didn’t shoot one of Santa’s reindeer or B) continue on and see how far he can take it. Sooooo-

Pappy: Well, yes, it was!

Riley and Micah: WHAT?!?! He shot one of SANTA’S REINDEER???

Riley: Santa’s going to have a really hard time delivering presents since your friend shot one of his reindeer!

Pappy: Well, I hope he can still make it!

Now, I would have been totally oblivious to this lovely conversation, if my darling four year old hadn’t come up to me letting me know that Pappy’s friend shot one of Santa’s reindeer (he thought it might have been Rudolph) and Santa wasn’t going to be able to bring any presents this year. I calmly explained that it was highly unlikely that Pappy’s friend shot one of Santa’s reindeer, or a reindeer at all, since he was probably hunting in Kansas or Missouri, and the reindeer were much much farther north than mid-America. He probably shot a white-tail deer, because that is the type of deer we have in our area. After a hug, he was off to enjoy HIS BIRTHDAY (oh, yeah, didn’t I mention it was on his fourth birthday?) and I had to laugh a little bit, then make a point to talk to my dad when he got back from taking care of the deer.

Micah, Riley, and my dad had a long talk about what habitats and environments different types of deer live in today, and my dad made an agreement not to hunt any deer who could fly.

Thank goodness.


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